Anjali Protector

Controller of Plant Fungal Diseases (Eco Friendly Bio Fungicide)

Protect Seed Rot, Root Rot, Stem Rot, Stem Canker, Fungal Wilt, Damping off, Leaf Rot, Brown Rot etc. Diseases PROTECTOR also Solubilize locked Phosphate of Soil by excretion of organic acids like citric, glutamic, succinic, lactic, oxalic, glyoxalic, maleic, fumaric, tartaric and Ketobutyric. PROTECTOR weather rock phosphate and tri-calcium phosphate by decreasing the particle size, reducing it to nearly amorphous forms. PROTECTOR can minimize organic Phosphate into a soluble form

Contact Us

    222A, B.T. Road.
    Kolkata- 700 036 [India]
    Phone:    +91 9831196137
                   +91 9748670864
    Contact : Mr. Krishnendu Mitra

    Manufacturing Unit:
    Nowapara, Mathkol, 24 Pgns.(N) In Assistance with K.M.D.A.

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